"America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves"

- Abraham Lincoln

Trump's days of running our government like his personal business are coming to an end. Despite this, America will continue to suffer from the effects of his 4 long years in office.  Despite his sabotage attempts at trying to downplay the Pandemic, paralyzing the Postal Service, using his Department of Justice to create scandal against his opponents and to protect himself through his Attorney General and personal lap dog, Bill Barr, he was defeated resoundingly on November 3, 2020.  Not surprisingly, he continues to act like a sore loser by spewing lies about the accuracy and integrity of our democracy.  America will long suffer the consequences of Trump's misdeeds and those of his henchmen and enablers in Congress.  While a full investigation of his criminal acts can further divide the country, a fact finding mission needs to be launched in order to uncover the damage done to the country and our system of government.   

As we all remember, America suffered a devastating terrorist attack on 9/11/01.  On 11/9/16, America suffered another attack. This time, it was a vicious attack on its moral character.  A narcissist sociopath with a hateful and evil agenda claimed victory in the 2016 presidential election.  A man who built an empire on the backs of thousands of unsuspecting honest victims by cheating them out of money.  A man who has never worked an honest day in his life, with a dark heart full of hatred for women, minorities, people of color, the disabled, the hard working and honest people was able to perpetrate the heart of America by stirring up hatred and division.  While the only qualified candidate -who in this case happened to be a woman- won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes, Trump claimed victory by allegedly winning about 10,000 more votes in Michigan, 22,000 more votes in Wisconsin and 49,000 more votes in Pennsylvania.  For the first time in American history, a candidate propped up by one of America's worst enemies, the evil Russian Mafia-State, ended up taking over the reigns of government with their direct help.  For months prior to the election, Russian spies through their agents Wikileaks and the Australian fugitive rapist, Julian Assange released a barrage of private emails in a direct effort to tarnish the reputation of Secretary Clinton to help put their sociopath puppet in the White House.

Whether Trump and his Russian masters stole the election by hacking into the election systems in the five states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Florida or by disenfranchising voters who would have voted against them may never be fully known.  The bottom-line is that a clear majority of the American people voted for Hillary Clinton and not the hateful Trump/Russian agenda.  We, who are in the majority can do something about this.  First, we need to ask our elected officials to investigate and criminally charge James Comey, the FBI director and Trump crony who delivered the election to Trump and his Russian masters by using his power to perpetrate propaganda against Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Comey, by suggesting a re-opening of an FBI investigation against Clinton (while they were also secretly investigating the Trump campaign for collusion with a foreign government), broke with his own agency's policy and gave the voters the impression that she had done something wrong.  For the ensuing days, Trump's propaganda machine used this as ammunition to claim that Hillary Clinton had committed a crime.  A man who is a professional con-artist and a dishonest businessman assassinated the character of his opponent by using innuendo helped by the hypocritically partisan, unethical (and potentially criminal) FBI director.  The ironic fact remains that Comey and the FBI were investigating Trump at the same time for a much bigger crime, that of getting material help from a foreign government to influence an election.  That fact was never mentioned by Comey during the election season even though he stated that he was investigating Hillary Clinton for something that would have been a lesser crime had she been found guilty regardless.  Comey ultimately got fired by the man he helped put in the White House and that was poetic justice, but an investigation of Comey for violating the norms of the FBI to ultimately reward a fellow Republican with the presidency should be conducted.  Trump crony and Attorney General Bill Barr ultimately whitewashed the damning findings of the Mueller team and the Mueller Report by blatantly lying about what it said. The Mueller Report clearly indicated wrongdoing by Trump and his henchmen through their criminal obstruction but ultimately ended up having no effect because of collusion on the part of Bill Barr.

There are numerous other ways that we can fight Trump and his evil agenda.  Trump has used the power of the presidency to enrich himself, his Rent-a-Bride alien wife and his children.  This is a man who will not hesitate for a second to put his personal interest first (and that of his Russian masters) against the interest of the American public.  Please consider boycotting any Trump related businesses by clicking below.


Looking back at what happened in 2016 is extremely important because American democracy can be hijacked once again by a foreign power just like it was in 2016.  It is ironic that although the pre-election polls and exit polls in 2016 suggested that Hillary Clinton would win, something dubious happened which may have reversed the course of that election and with it the fate of the country.  Republicans have historically engaged in tactics to suppress votes including GOP operatives invalidating tens of thousands of votes through CrossCheck in the said 5 states. In 2016, the pre-election and exit polls predicted that Secretary Hillary Clinton would win the election in all 5 states.  In addition, the fact that the Russian government and its cronies had previously hacked into various election data bases raises doubts about the integrity of the final results declared by news agencies and ultimately certified by election officials.  Their own exit polls also indicated that Hillary would win those states.  Was the will of the people usurped by enemy hacking and espionage?  Did Trump's propaganda machine helped by Russia overturn the will of the people in those States?  Did Trump and his henchmen get material help from a foreign enemy to reverse the outcome of the election?  Trump who has been a con man for his entire life would not hesitate for a second to commit yet another fraud in order to abuse the office of the President of the United States.  We, as voters, have the right to find out by verifying the numbers and holding him and his cronies responsible for the damage to the country.  We need to demand that our elected officials block yet another Russian hacking of the election to keep their puppet in the White House by instituting reforms in our election systems.  

On December 18, 2019, the United States Congress impeached Trump and made him the 3rd president in history to be impeached.  The United States Senate headed by Trumpist-in-Chief Mitch McConnell had already announced that it was not interested in justice and it would be coordinating a sham trial with the help of the White House.  This ultimately happened and a true and honest trial was never conducted because witnesses were blocked by the Trumpist party.  It is time to defeat Mitch McConnell once and for all.  Trump's lawlessness has gone unpunished for far too long by either lack of enforcement action on the part of Democrats or the continuing cover-up conducted by the Trumpist (formerly Republican) party whose loyalty is to Trump rather than to the American people and our laws.  Trump continues to get away with his criminal conduct on a daily basis, profiting from the presidency in direct violation of the Constitution.  His own White House has provided transcripts of a phone call which shows he has used American aid to Ukraine to extort personal and political favors to help his evil attempt to steal yet another election.  Trump's henchmen, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani should be investigated and tried for being accessories to a conspiracy to get material help from a foreign government in a U.S. election and other criminal activity.  Trump's comical, dishonest and zig-zagging policy to address the Coronavirus epidemic is another sign that this psychopath is not fit to be president.  This is one case and a perfect example of how Trump's dishonesty and lack of fitness for the jump has cost almost 200,000 American lives, more than in any foreign conflict.  Trump's henchman appointed to be Postmaster General is now actively sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service and mail delivery in order to help Trump steal yet another election.  We must fight back because evil tactics such as this have never been employed by any other president in history and if another election is stolen, our democracy and system of government may forever be reduced to those of third world countries with one authoritarian ruler in charge who can hold on to power as long as he wants.  We must demand that the Postmaster General be thoroughly investigated for potential crimes and that he resign immediately so that trust in the Postal Service can be restored.  The CDC and FDA have become agents of the evil Trump re-election campaign and can no longer be trusted.  It is almost certain that Trump and his henchmen at the CDC and FDA will come up with a fake vaccine just before the November 2020 election to trick voters into thinking the Covid crisis has been resolved.  We need to fight back by informing voters and keeping the electorate informed.  Please click here to see how you can help.



Please contact your elected officials to ask them to block the evil Trump agenda today.  To find out who your elected officials are, please go to the following link:


Another way to block the evil Trump agenda is by supporting progressive candidates all around the country either financially or through other means.  2020 should be a year which will teach a lesson to any political party not to follow an authoritarian psychopath for political expediency.  We as voters should hold Trump and Trumpist elected officials who have continuously enabled Trump and his self-serving criminal behavior accountable by voting them out of office by a landslide this November.






Here are the reasons Michael Moore believes that Trump is not a legitimate president and we agree:

1. Nothing, including an arcane, racist section of the constitution, can change the fact that 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than for Trump. It’s either a democracy or it isn’t. If he had won by 3 million, I would sadly admit that Trump is the President the American people wanted. But that’s not what happened.

2. He is not well and needs help. He has a number of serious mental disorders that make him unfit to hold office — and they are on display every day in one cringe-worthy tweet after another. He is a full-blown malignant narcissist. He displays sociopathic tendencies. He will say one thing and 30 seconds later say the opposite. He is disconnected from the truth. And he has a stunning lack of human empathy. These behaviors make him a truly dangerous occupant of the Oval Office.

3. The Russians interfered with the election in order to get him elected. Even Trump now admits as much. That alone makes the election tainted and should be voided. We spend trillions on ridiculous weapons and ineffective police state-style homeland security measures to defend us against those who would “destroy our way of life” — but we are to remain silent when a foreign government is caught trying to get THEIR candidate elected as OUR president? AND they succeed! This is a joke of monstrous proportions — and the fact that conservatives, Republicans and patriotic good ol’ boys are actively defending this foreign aggression into our country confirms to me what I’ve feared all along: that they really hate our form of democracy, our Bill of Rights, our belief that “All men (sic) are created equal,” our one person-one vote system, that whoever scores the most points wins and that people of all religions are welcome here. They don’t believe that, and I’d respect them so much more if they would just simply admit it.

4. The FBI clearly chose sides, and FBI Director Comey’s interference in the 10 days before the election most-definitely helped tipped the balance to the FBI’s preferred candidate, Donald J. Trump. That our own federal police would so brazenly attempt to throw the election to the person with the least votes is mind-boggling, frightening and must be stopped. Attorney General Lynch must immediately, today, appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate what to me appears to be a criminal offense. If this is true, I want to see FBI Director Comey in handcuffs and behind bars. Short of murder and a few other heinous acts, is there a worse crime in our democracy than the highest ranking cop in the land attempting to throw the election?

5. Trump has nominated in Rex Tillerson the most powerful corporate CEO in the world as “our” Secretary of State. Why would the quarter-billionaire head of the world’s richest corporation want a “government job?” So that he, a personal friend of Putin’s, can get the US sanctions lifted off Russia so that his company, ExxonMobil, can get back to their exclusive oil deal with Russia — which will eventually net ExxonMobil three TRILLION dollars. This is nothing less than a bold, audacious robbery in broad daylight — and it says a lot about you and me that they think they can get away with it.

6. Trump has potentially committed a number of felonies — and a felon simply can’t sit in the Oval Office (I can’t believe I even have to state that). From his admitted sexual assaults to whatever he’s hiding in the tax returns, to possibly evading taxes, to his committing fraud with Trump U, to his long list of conflicts of interest — the chance of us having to suffer through his impeachment trial in the Senate is just too much to bear.

Donald Trump is, as John Lewis said, NOT a legitimate president. He is unfit, unstable and was elected with help from the Russian government. 69 Congressmembers boycotted the inauguration which is unprecedented in history!  





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