Itemized vs. Standard Deductions 
Are you sure you are taking advantage of all the tax benefits to which you are entitled? Consider whether you've incurred any of the following tax deductible expenses:

-Medical and Dental Expenses

-State and/or Local Income Taxes

-Personal Property Taxes (i.e.: Auto Registration Taxes)

-SDI Tax Withholdings

-Mortgage Interest and/or points

-Charitable Contributions

-Losses due to a Theft or Casualty

-Expenses Related to Employment

-Tax Preparation Fees

-Investment Related Expenses

-Safe Deposit Box Fees

-Gambling Losses

-IRA Contributions

-Moving Expenses As a Result of Employment Related Relocation

*This is a partial list. Some of the above items are subject to limits. Call us for additional details.

Federal Individual Tax Rates for 1996 ("Single" Filing Status)+:

Taxable Income------- Tax Bracket

$0 - $24,000 ----------15%

$24,000-$58,150 -----28%

$58,150-$121,300 ----31%


$263,750 and up --------39.6%

+This is a partial list. Please call us for additional information.