Employee Benefit Plans

Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code provides for the exclusion of employer-financed health insurance benefits from an employee’s taxable income.  At the same time, section 162 of the Code ensures the tax deductibility of employee health plans premiums paid by employers.

Employer funded group health plans are generally less costly than individual health plans and therefore, provide a benefit both to the employee in terms of coverage and the employer as a result of their tax deductibility.

Through our new affiliation with Dickerson Employee Benefits, we now provide access to affordable group health and disability benefits to our clients.  This new alliance gives our clients access to full service employee benefits professionals that can address questions and issues relating to group health, disability and various other employee benefit plans.

Group rates apply to 2 or more participants.  Please call us today for a free quote* on group health coverage for you and your employees.


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